Avengers: Endgame Review

The movie starts where infinity war leaves off. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) Is stranded in space with Nebula (Karen Gillan). Tony is leaving a final message to the woman he has always loved Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). This part of the movie is where you can afford to cut a few minutes out of that long three hour runtime. Not are saying its bad, but the point can be made in a shorter period of time.

Right as all hope is about to be lost and Tony takes his last breath there is a bright light and in comes Captain Marvel to save the day before he bites the dust.

Captain Marvel then takes Tony and Nebula back to the Avengers headquarters on Earth. It is here when reality sets in that Thanos really did wipe out half of the universe with a snap of his finger. Tony is pissed at Captain America and everyone. He wants nothing to do with the Avengers and the life he has led.

I have to take a moment to mention the prologue with Hawkeye before the opening. He is with his family and they are having a picnic. He is teaching his daughter how to shoot with a bow and arrow. Then suddenly his family turns to ashes and are all gone because they did not survive the snap of Thanos. Everyone in the theater could be heard gasping. So right from the very start Avengers: Endgame sets a somber mood.

Now the Avengers look for a way to reverse what Thanos did and they believe if they can get the infinity stones from him maybe all that has happen can be made right. Nebula remembers Thanos always talking about going to the Garden after his work was done and they can tell by a powerful energy surge that the infinty stones stones where just used again in the Garden.

So the remaining Avengers use portals and jump to the Garden to confront Thanos. They discover that its too late, the energy surge that was detected was Thanos using the stones energy to destroy them. He did this so his work cannot be undone. Thor, then in a fit of rage chops off Thanos’s head killing him. What is amazing is all this happens in the first 15 to 20 minutes of the movie.

Thor chops off Thanos’s head in a fit of revenge!

Captain America tries to get Tony Stark to help since he knows only Tony is smart enough to figure it all out. Tony loving his knew life and family turns him down cold. He seems to still be a little pissed at Captain America. But the memory of his student avenger Spider-man weighs heavy on Tony’s mind. He feels responsible for getting the kid involved even though the outcome probably would have been the same.

Now that all is lost and Thanos has been killed, the Avengers go back to their own lives. Tony and Pepper get married and have a little girl. That’s when Ant-Man suddenly re-appears from the multi-verse. We all forgot he got trapped there when Thanos snapped his fingers. Ant-Man shows back up at the Avengers headquarters with an idea on how to make all things go back to normal using time-travel.

Tony works on it in secret just to see if he can get it to work which to his surprise, it does. Now they can go back in time and get all the infinity stone before Thanos ever got them and do a little snapping of their own to bring everyone back. The team now goes back in time to get the stones. But when it comes to the soul stone Black Widow must sacrifice herself as per the rule a soul for a soul.

It all comes down to one last big battle for the universe and to defeat Thanos and his minions every Marvel superhero and then some were brought back to end it all. There are some cool Easter eggs, like a cameo by none other than ‘Howard The Duck’ .. Plus a cool part with all the women assembling, even Pepper Potts in her own Iron Woman costume!

Avenger’s Endgame is the movie we’ve all waited for and more. It works on almost every level. It’s a movie that needs multiple viewings because there is so much going on you need to see it again to view it all, plus it’s a fun filled action spectacle. I plan on seeing it at least 2 more times to amke sure I dont miss anything. As this review was written Avengers is already smashing box office records for the first week of release. I am sure it will pass Titanic and even Avatar before it’s over, because the movie is just that good!