Dark Phoenix Rises

I reluctantly went to see Dark Phoenix only for Allforscifi because like most I suffer from X-Men fatigue. I felt like there has been enough already!

But something happen while watching this story about Jean Grey played by Sophie Turner from ‘Gsme of Thrones’. Not expecting much I found myself really enjoying this movie. Not only are the production values evident but the acting is strong and Sophie Turner makes this movie better. The supporting cast is just as solid with Jennifer Lawrence from ‘Hunger Games’ as Raven , James McAvoy as Professor X, Michael Fasbender as Magneto, and Alexandra Ship as Storm.

The movie is centered around the X-Men saving the shuttle astronauts from a solar flare which turns out to be a crazy energy force that is attracted to and attaches itself to Jean Grey. Aliens that were following the energy force now want it or Jean Grey to use it helping their species recolenate and populate here on Earth destroying all of us in the process.

The head of the Aliens Smith is plyed Jessica Chastain who turns in the only average performance in the movie. The most shocking element was when Jean kills Raven not being able to control her new found powers. It all comes down to a big showdown with Jean who has felt abandoned all her life something exploited by the Alien Smith. Now Professor X must convince Jean that he and the X-Men are her family. Upon being shown that by the Professor, Jean realizes that she must protect the only family she has ever known.

She rises up like the title Phoenix suggests and saves her X-Men family and the world from this Alien threat. In the process she evolves beyond this existence. This is one of the best of all the X-Men movies. We would love to see more of Jean Grey and hope X-Men fatigue does not stop people from going to this movie.

On our Allforscifi rating acale of 0 to 5 stars. Dark Phoenix gets a 4.5 stars. It is a must see film in the theater.