Men In Black International shows franchise is in good hands

Men in Black International shows the franchise is in good hands. The movie starts off in the same time period in the 90’s where the last Men In Black left off, with Molly a young girl that the MIB’s forgot to zap because her parents said she was asleep. Bad move, you should always check guys!

So captivated by what she witnessed Molly spends the next twenty years trying to find the organization including testing for the FBI and other government agencies. Then by tracking an Alien after breaking into NASA that is returning to Earth unauthorized because he wants to see his family, she is finally able locate the MIB headquarters in New York.

Now going into this movie I was yet again not interested since here we are doing the same old stories and having the phrase I coined weeks ago on our AllForSciFi podcast, “Franchise Fatigue”. But, thank you Variety and other news outlets for using it, just make sure I get credit next time because I said it first. “Franchise Fatigue”

Now, what I did not expect was liking this movie and I am here to tell you I did. I enjoyed every minute of it from the effects down to the humor that came from a very cute little creature called a pawn. I did not find myself missing Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones that much. They do pay homage to them at least in a painting hanging on the wall in the London MIB headquarters.

Chris Hemsworth plays Agent H and Tessa Thompson Agent M (Molly). Boy, do they have great chemistry. We first saw them work together in Avengers: Endgame and even though these are different characters in another movie, they do not seem to skip a beat. I like them so much here’s to hoping we get another MIB movie. But based on “franchise fatigue”, we will have to wait and see.

We have Emma Thompson playing the head of New York MIB as Agent O and Liam Neeson playing the head of London branch as Agent High T. Both Thompson and Neeson are good in their supportive roles.

The movie does have one twist that the originals did not, a mole within MIB London which turned out to be it’s head Agent High T. But have no fears as the world is saved from certain destruction by our two new agents H & M.

Some trivia to mention, in Men In Black two, When Zed is on the phone with Michael Jackson who was an alien, he shouts out he could be Agent M. Well, too late but we now got our Agent M. It still would have been funny to have Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk across the screen.

On our AllForSciFi ratings scale of 0 to 5 stars we are giving Men In Black International 3.5 stars. It is a movie we should all go see in the theaters just for the special effects alone!