D23 Expo Star Wars News Official: Ewan McGregor Returns as Obi-Wan Kenobi for Disney+

As we said and announced on our AllForSciFi podcast a few weeks Ewan McGregor made a surprise visit to D23 Expo walking onto the stage to join Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy in making the announcement. The banter back and forth will be classic as Ewan ask Kathleen to ask him the question, am I playing Obi-Wan Kenobi again. For which she played right along like a Hollywood script repeating what McGregor said for which he replied, “Yes I will be playing Obi-Wan”.

This announcement kind of overshadowed all The Mandalorian news and official trailer that also dropped and was made public after it was played at D23. There is a lot to look forward to if you’re a Star Wars fan and be sure to stay with AllForSciFi.Com as we continue to bring all the latest Star Wars news and Everything else Sci-Fi Related.

Now here is your official look at The Mandalorian trailer below: