Godzilla The King of Monsters shows us he is boss!

Godzilla, all hail to the king baby! This maybe the best monster action film of them all. The movie starts out about five years after San Francisco was leveled and Dr. Emma Russell and Mark Russell suffered the loss of their son and brother of Madison, played by Millie Bobby Brown from ‘Stranger Things’.

This time will it be Boston? Nah, we don’t think so as a nuked Godzilla swoops in to save the day. While the story is a little lacking, Millie Bobby Brown does a respectable job with what she was given even though it was not much. But what did we expect, this is a Godzilla film!

Godzilla has sure come a long way since the rubber suited monsters of the previous 32 movies and now he is the good guy who will help us, save us from ourselves. Every scene with the monsters in it is amazing. King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, all the monster design, the CGI, the fights and the whole cinematography as well are beyond beautiful. It’s what makes this movie great and also what it has going for it rather than the family forced dyanmic thing which was the boring part of the movie.

In parts including the end credits scene, the next chapter is hinted at which appears to be King Kong! For that I say in my best Duke Nukem voice “bring it on”.

On the Allforscifi ratings scale 0 to 5 stars we give it a not so solid 4. 4 and above is a movie we should see in the theaters and not wait for Netflix, Blueray or streaming.