‘John Wick 3 Parabellum’ Equals Outstanding Action!

John Wick 3 opens up right where Wick 2 ended. John has broken the rules and killed on Continental Hotel property which is supposed to be the only safe place for Assains. We also learn that these hotels are not just in New York but every major city.

Tik tok,the clock is ticking and at 6 pm Mr Wick becomes excumencado! John then goes to the library of all places where a rather tall giant man who is taller than Chewbacca decides he wants a crack at the fourteen million dollar contract that is about to open. John pleads for more time since its not 6 pm yet. The giant man says no one will know if I killed you before six, so this starts the first cleavor fight scene of many in this movie. John uses a book to break the guys neck!

Being injured from his last fight and the new stab wound John looks for a doctor before his time is up. Unfortunately his time runs out and the doctor has to stop right in the middle of stiching him up. Also, unfortunate as for the doctor as well as he has John shoot him twice to make it look like he tried to stop him.

All throughout John Wick 3 we are entertained by amazing action and fight sequences. In fact some of the best since Bruce Lee. We are not comparing Wick to the master Lee as there will never be another, he is one of a kind. What we are talking about is the filmaker using the entire frame and wide shots without quick editing. It is obvious that Keanu Reeves and the entire cast down to the beautiful Halle Berry know how to fight. They’ve worked hard and it shows on screen much to the viewers delight.

John seeks help from the Director played by Angelica Houston. She is sort of a mother figure to John who grew up in her system. We love movies that bring back Hollywood royalty and icons like Houston. Who is just as suburb as one can suspect.

She grants John’s wish for passage so he is off to Casablanca. In Casablanca he is looking for the ex manager of the Continental hotel to get some information. So he enlists the help of its current manager the lovely Halle Berry. There seems to be some sort of sexual tension between them like a past romance but that is never mentioned. We see also pictures of Sophia with a mixed girl who we find out is her daughter that John helped hide. The girl has a resemblance of John so one wonders is this his daughter? Maybe we will find out in future movies?

John’s reason which is revealed after he convinces her to take him to the ex manager Berrada played by Jerome Flynn from ‘Game of Thrones’. John wants to have a sit down with the one person above the table. So there is one guy who is sort of like a God figure called the Elder who is played by Saïd Taghmaoui. Berrada tells John to go walk in the desert and when you are about to die walk some more and then if he thinks you are worthy he will find you before you die.

Now, Berrada wants one of Sophia’s dogs to teach her a lesson. When she says no he shoots and kills the dog. This sets her off and she kills
Berrada. Then comes the biggest continuity mistake ever as suddenly there are two dogs again. Once we get past that mistake the some of the movies funniest bits happen with the dogs doing some amazing stunts.

When all the fun with the dogs is over they part ways and John heads off into the desert in search of the Elder. After the great sunset and walking in the desert shots John finds himself almost dead and picked up by the Elder. Once he comes to John asks to be forgiven because he thinks the memory of the love he had with his deceased wife deserves to be alive. The one thinks its a corny reason and I have to agree even if it upsets some of my readers.

The Elder says he will spare John’s life for a life. In order to keep his and cancel the contract on his life he wants John to kill Winston the Continental New York Hotel manager who helped him. John reluctantly agrees and to seal the deal he chops off his wedding finger giving it the Elder.

Back in New York John must deal with his promise to kill Winston directly and he decides to protect him now with the Hotel be deconsecrated. The hotel becomes battle royal with Zero and his ninja henchmen all going after John.

After a lot more excellent fight sequences with John being the victor, the adjudicator calls for a parley. During which Winston turns on John shooting him with which John stumbles and falls off the building to what they believe is his death. Ahh…they soon find he is not dead and no longer there. Are we all ready for John Wick four?

I think so and even more sequels just as long as they keep the same director
Chad Stahelski. What makes all this work is the fact that the director himself was fight choreographer. We’ve all seen his work in another big blockbuster series that Keanu Reeves starred in The Matrix trilogy.

Take note Hollywood, you want innovative action blockbusters hire people like Chad Stahelski who know something about fighting and choreography. This director is so good at what he does I would want to see everything he makes.

On our Allforscifi ratings system, John Wick 3 Parabelluim gets 4.5 stars of of 5.