The Mandalorian Becomes Top Streaming TV Show in the US, Beating Stranger Things!

The first Disney+ Star Wars  series, The Mandalorian, has beaten Stranger Things to becomes the top streaming show in the USA.

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” enjoyed 21 straight weeks at the top of Parrot Analytics’ weekly list of the most in-demand original streaming shows in the US, but “The Mandalorian” has surpassed it. Parrot Analytics measures “demand expressions,” the company’s standardized TV-demand measurement unit designed to reflect the desire, engagement, and viewership of a series weighted by importance.

“The Mandalorian” had over 100 million demand expressions during the week of November 17 to November 23, according to Parrot Analytics, while “Stranger Things” had 81 million.

Parrot Analytics data last week showed “The Mandalorian” surging toward the top of its list. It was already the most in-demand new original streaming series of the year one week after its release, topping Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” and “When They See Us.”

“While demand is a metric that should not be confused with subscriber numbers, this is a strong indication that the ‘Star Wars’ series is driving a lot of sign-ups to the recently-debuted Disney Plus service,” a Parrot Analytics representative said.

The writing on the Mandalorian is so good by Jon Favearu that it has already coined new phrases like “I have spoken” and in episode three “This is the Way”. It is no wonder to us at AllForSciFi.Com has become the King of streaming!